Creating an experiment that only tracks transactions of a single product

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Hello Warriors,

I am currently working on a CRO project for an ecommerce site, and using Google Optimize. I am running a split test on one particular product page, and I've added some additional content to the variation to see if it improves the overall sales of this specific product.

The test is already set up and running without issues. The problem I have is I'm not sure if the "Transactions" metric, shown in both Optimize and GA, is an accurate portrayal of performance for this test. If I am not mistaken, I believe these "Transactions" being tracked are accounting for any purchase made by a visitor who has interacted with the experiment. Meaning, it doesn't matter if they purchased product, A, B, or C on the site. Any purchase made by that visitor would be considered an ecommerce transaction. This offers me little insight into whether or not my variation actually improves sales for the product being advertised.

How can I set up my test objective to track only sales of the product in which I am running the experiment on? If I cannot set up a custom objective for a single product (the site is built on Shopify, fyi) transaction, then is there a way to segment the Transactions metric within GA?

Any insight or suggestions would be much appreciated.


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