HELP! My Amazon conversion suddenly dropped

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I run a blog that has been consistently making $150+ a month from amazon associates commission. In April I had a sudden drop in conversion & clicks, and so far in May that trend is continuing

January: clicks 1000 - conversion 13%
April: clicks 753 - conversion 6.5%

What's going on? I'm freaking out as I depend on this money from my site. I haven't changed anything, my site is getting the same amount of traffic, if anything my site traffic has gone UP. Any ideas on what to do or what to check on?
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  • Hi,

    Few reasons for Amazon conversion drop are:
    1. May you lost your buy box
    2.Negative reviews by customers
    3.Wrong keyword research
    4.Product visibility issue
    5.May be chosen business marketing is less in season
    6.Might be your sales ended recently
    7.Cross-check your PPC campaign
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      Thank you for your reply! I thought Amazon had a 24 hour cookie though, so even if they didn't buy my item that they clicked on but they bought anything else on amazon then I got commission. I'd say 40% of my commission over the last year and a half has been through these "other" items people bought with my affiliate link. Those have stopped or slowed drastically too.

      Any theories on why that may be?
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    Or, it could just be that time of year. Most websites and products - even ones listed on Amazon - have times of the year when people just aren't looking for them or buying them as much.

    Unless the products have been up for at least one year - multiple years are better - you can't know if there is something going on that you need to change or if its just one of those "it's that time of the year" things. Th more years you have selling something, the more data you have that will help you predict when slow seasons will be.
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      I've been doing amazon affiliates for a little over a year and a half. I compared it to last year and my last April & May were much much more active. This is actually a high season for me (spring & the holidays are my peaks)
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    Without knowing anything about your site or niche then no one could possibly provide a good answer

    Have you looked through your google analytics as well as reports provided by amazon. can you see where you are losing ground. are links that people normally click down. how about traffic into the site and the bounce rate. What about where they enter the site. The pages that get the most traffic is that traffic still the same or better?

    give some metrics


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    Maybe your products are sesonal one and they get sales in some periods of the year
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    what is the niche of your Product line ?
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    May be your products are seasonal or the site drop rankings.
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    Can we know what niche your blog is geared towards? And how do you acquire your traffic?

    Without knowing anything yet,
    • It might be low quality traffic, if you're using SEM or FB Ads for blog traffic
    • Amazon might have changed how their tracking works. Lazada has been known to do that in the past
    • Seasonality of the products you are promoting, if they're only a specific item instead of a general ad placement for Amazon
    • Expired virality of the item you are promoting
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    It's hard to tell what could be the reason behind this without seeing your website, there could be many different possibilities for it, even the product could be the reason behind this, maybe because of some poor rating, people had stopped buying the product or are less intuitive towards it, who knows.
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