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I want to sell products. These products will be BORING and non interesting products.
Definitely NOT a hot seller.

Any thoughts on strategies and how to use PPC?
Not being a hot seller, how can I judge the best investment amounts for advertising?
(Or is that a dumb question and I should know the answer to myself?
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    Without knowing your Product, it's hard to tell what would be its demand, what is its niche audience that we need to target & what strategy we need to opt to make the product successful.
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    Not a hot seller doesn't mean it is "boring". If the products can be sold that means people are interested in it. Unless you made a boring advertisement and made people hate it.
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    You need to answer these questions regarding your product:

    - WHAT problem does it solve?
    - HOW good is at solving that problem?
    - HOW MUCH are people willing to pay for it?
    - WHERE I can find these people?

    Hotness is not the only factor to sell things. The utility is much more desirable. If I have a problem and your product is the solution, I will buy it regardless of how cool people think I am for doing it.
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    How to add Plugin in my website
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    Way too vague. Any product, "hot" or not, is worth selling if it has a decent profit and people are searching for it online. Whether or not it is worth advertising comes down to how much that profit is and whether it can cover the advertising cost per conversion.

    More than 95% of the websites we build are for "non-hot", evergreen products - something we consider far better than having to build a new site every year, forever chasing the latest new thing. By the time you start to rank well, nobody cares about last year's passe product.
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