Can I migrate from Shopify to wordpress?

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Hi Guys,
I have a shopify store which is not earning, so I want to move it back to a wordpress site.

I would also like to change the domain name.

I have around 30 decent articles that I would like to keep, so can I simply migrate the whole wordpress site

So am I right in my thinking with this.

1. Register my new domain name.
2. Install wordpress
2. Migrate my old shopify blog site (where the articles are) to my new wordpress site

Will I also be able to move my shopify products?
If so, how do I do this and the blog migration please?
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    "It can be done", but usually you'll encounter many bugs. You have a very low products count so I guess doing it manually won't hurt.

    Changing the domain name won't be an issue though.
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    Yes it can be done. You can do it manually but may take you some time if you are not that technical. Some opt for hiring a website agency to do the migration but may be costly depending on what they offer.
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    If your going to go with another domain and install a Wordpress on your hosting server than this should be fairly easy as your basically starting from scratch anyway. The products maybe easy to import using a WordPress plugin especially if using one that does a Shopify to WooCommerce Migration. If your not using WooCommerce or have a lot of products than this might not be a good solution. The main problem is you don't really own the site and Shopify is more of a platform where as WordPress is a a website framework with plenty of flexibility, integration, and control. Not sure if there is a Shopify to Wordpress plugin or 3rd party service for importing and exporting between the two. If you don't have many articles than doing manually might be fine.
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    Shopify to WooCommerce migration with Cart2Cart allows you to export your products, customers, orders and other related eCommerce entities from Shopify, preserving relations between them and successfully import to WooCommerce.
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    As far as I know there are a few plugins that help you import/export data when moving to wordpress. You might to check the plugin for this. Try moving the data and changing DNS in off peak hours. It will be all fine then
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    Whether you will succeed to migrate or not is food for another day to me. But my advice is those articles are already live and google is aware of their existence. Transferring them to your new WordPress may anger him and make him pull the website down. A rewrite of the same to make then unique will suffice.
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    Since you are changing domain names, a lot of the easy migration alternatives do not exist.

    Instead, do an export of your product file in Shopify. That will give you a CSV that you can copy and paste into WooCommerce on WordPress.

    You'll need to manually copy/paste all regular pages, collection pages, your home page, your store info/policies pages and you blog pages.

    You'll have to manually copy every single product image one at a time, too.

    Really, if there aren't that many products, this can't take more than a few hours to do manually.
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    Yes. Have a look at this plugin for Wordpress:
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