Need advice on cart conversion and sales!

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I have been averaging 18 visitors a day using organic traffic which means I make between 1 - 2 sales a day.
However I have noticed between 5-6 will abandon cart and 3 will abandon the checkout. Two days ago installed a plugin to offer a discount code and that has provided 1 sale I am selling in USD dollars and I know I have been getting a lot of interest from say the UK and Australia, should I install a multi currency converter ? perhaps this might help with cart conversion. I would love some input on this and any advice is good advice!
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    The only way to know the answer to any question like this is to try it and see what happens.

    As far as conversions go, your 5-10% conversion rate is well above average conversion rates and your cart abandonment rate of about 35% is much lower than average.
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    Your statistics are pretty good! I don't think you should be bothered too much, but wanting to get better is always preferred. I think you should play with various features here and there, collect data and see what works for you over a sufficient course of time.
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    You can try to use it, it won't hurt. But you want to focus on increasing the organic traffic now!
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    I would say install the currency converter. Why not get some sales from other countries. I ran a service based company for several years. I adapted to the customer payment methods. They payed in cash upfront, check, paypal, invoice 30 day terms, even in dinner. They always asked "how would you like to get paid for your service?" In your case, I assume, the ones that abandoned were asking you... "I need to pay you in my country's currency and not USD." Don't reject sales in any form of currency. If they want to pay in gold, TAKE it. I hope that helps.
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    Go for the currency converter. Should be adding more ease of use for your potential customers while browsing your website. As suggested as well by others, you should also work on organic traffic once you get this option. Be active on the social media page of your business. Engage with customers and post special deals to boost sales.
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    I agree with currency converter is the best option for your customer and existing clients.
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    You should definitely use it. It really helps a lot and you will see improvement in your conversion as well.
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    focus on high traffic premium sites to rank the keywords and as well as increase your organic traffic
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    You need more potent copy to qualify buyers.
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    I think that you should install a multi currently converter but also utilize email marketing to follow up and retarget those potential buys to turn them into customers.

    Hope this help you
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    I would go with one-page checkout, and automated email marketing for those who abandon at checkout.
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    Read it somewhere, so sharing the same - Add checkout buttons to the top and bottom of the page - The less time that customers have to spend looking for them, the sooner they'll take action
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