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If we have various suppliers of clothing who have different size charts for each item of clothing, this can get a bit overwhelming. We're not asking about apps that can handle displaying Size Charts since thats easy to find but wanted to know these questions:
What percentage of women buyers use the size charts, measure themselves and compare? My partner is female and she says she would but from a few other female we've asked most say just go by Small, Medium, Large, etc.
Is there a standard all around size chart to just to kind of cover our bases?
how do you all handle multiple size charts, like if each item of clothing has its own and you plan to list 10s/100s of items?
Again we know about Shopify apps to display size charts, but looking for insight on handling various sizing guides. Thanks again!
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    If I had to sell clothing and different products had different sizing charts, there are a couple of ways it could be handled.

    The easiest thing to do would be to put the sizing chart in the main product description for each and every product. That way, you know the right chart is with the right product. Of course, you have to rely on a customer scrolling through and actually viewing that chart - something I would not count on these days.

    The other thing you could do is create different templates - each with a different sizing chart - and then use that template for the product that has that type of sizing (assuming you have a shopping cart where you can assign a template on a product-by-product basis, like Shopify or 3DCart). That sizing chat could be static or you could use javascript to have it pop-up when a "What is my Size?" link is clicked next to the size drop-down options menu.
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    You can use technique for this system like use different - different category divided by the clothes size.
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    I use the size chart provided by the different supplier to the relevant listings on my shopify store, like Printful and Teelaunch have different sizes for their shirts.
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