Signing up for FBA the only Way to Succeed on Amazon

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Is signing up for Fulfillment By Amazon the only way to sell quickly/efficiently and grow to a Power Seller on Amazon?
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    No. Who fulfills the order has nothing at all to do with the success you will have on Amazon.
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    It is the best way to create passive income through Amazon, not necessarily the best way to achieve top seller status.
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    Best way to have ranked product doesnt matter its fba or fbm
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    FBA is the only choice by default, and no need to get into 100 of products, 1 listing can make you millionaire.


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    IMO FBA is far superior to Fulfilled By Merchant. You have more exposure to customers looking for your products, you have Amazon's very positive reputation increasing a customer's trust in their purchase, you have Amazon taking care of all the customer service and the seller has far less hassle overall.

    I believe it is generally a no-brainer to go FBA.
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    I dont think using FBA is a requirement to be a top ranked seller however from a buyers perspective i'm more likely to purchase something that's Amazon prime than through the merchant. Two idential products one with amazon prime the other without, im going for the one from Amazon.
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