Are there any good Wordpress plugins for dropshipping

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I've been looking at wordpress, instead of Shopify/Oberlo, for a dropshipping store. However when I started researching plugins that would handle the product imports and the auto order fulfillment, I couldn't find anything that I liked.

On one hand there's AliDropship, but that's a $90 plugin before you strart. Then there is WooDropship, which does have a free version, but the pricing scheme kind of sets me off. 10 order fulfillments per month? Okay sure, it's free and I can't really complain. Next tier is $15 and only allows me for 100 fulfillments per month? I know I will take some time to get there, but for that money I would be getting better value in Shopify / Oberlo.

I also read some blog posts and articles, most of which were promoting their own (or an affiliate plugin) and I am currently left with the impression that the dropshipping business doesn't have as many tools [at competitive prices] for Wordpress as it does for Shopify. Am I missing something? Are there some plugins which I couldn't find that provide at least product imports and auto order fulfillment?
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