Selling Posters Online: Worthwhile Pursuit or Not?

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Is it worth trying to sell posters online?

The market has a lot of competition but I thought of two niches - 'politically incorrect' & auction house sale items which aren't already available on other sites.

There is plenty of public domain material which I can use, and I can add more categories as I go along.

I see some nice travel posters on one auction site which have sold but the images are still there, and not well protected but are high quality. The images are in the public domain, but may now never see the light of day due to them being privately held.

There may be limitations on what I can obtain this way, but it might be worth the effort if I have what no other seller has.

I was actually looking for images to use on other products but got side tracked by posters I was seeing and now want to sell them - if it's worthwhile.

I can use Zazzle or whatever, I suppose, for printing and selling but that won't be very profitable. I'd rather get some made and sell on eBay or Amazon or do a Shopify shop maybe, if I can build a large enough range of products. I do realise that quantity will be important, wherever and whatever I sell.

I would appreciate any advice or opinion, please. I haven't done any research as to what is in demand, other than what I have seen for sale around the web, but I do seem to enjoy much of what others seem to, and feel confident in picking saleable products. And I know how to list products effectively, I think. But is it going to be worth the bother if I concentrate on just one or two niches for now, or will I have to spend a lot of time compiling a huge selection of posters for sale in multiple niches?

Also, where can I obtain short runs of posters at reasonable rates, does anyone know?
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    I'd be surprised if you get any concrete answers here because no one really knows until you test, test and test some more. There is a thread in this forum that asks "Is it possible to sell anything?" and I think if you read that, you'll realize that if you want to sell posters, you can.

    You don't know what kind of posters to make or in what niche. Yes, you need to find a niche with a demand if you want to make money, but you also need to be passionate, or at the very least, very good at curating content for that niche.

    You could run various test trials on social media, probably IG since it's graphics related and pit 2 posters together. Ask people which they prefer. Do this strategically and you can narrow down where is the demand.

    It also sounds like you may be looking for PLR content that you can ethically steal, maybe modify (maybe not) and sell it as your own? If not, that may be something to consider as well as it doesn't sound like you want to do much creative work.

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    You are correct, I don't want to do much creative work but I have been. I'm not that talented but I reckon I could curate well enough, and I am definitely passionate. Not really looking for PLR content - more PD.

    I got a variety of items done on Arts Cow which need testing, one I did from scratch with clip art & artist friend's help. I'd prefer to design my own stuff, but some posters are so great that I'm drawn into the genre - and think I may be able to profit from it somehow.
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    Just try it.

    My advice? use instagram to market it with videos
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    Just try it sounds good to me. Thanks for the encouragement and tip.
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