What sorts of advertising you recommend in a third world country ?

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i wanted to start my business in togo in africa , it's an e-commerce business with the cash on delivery system and i wanted to know what kind of ads should i do , Facebook for sure but what other ? any other recommendations ?
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    Hey there Ayman,
    The answer to your question totally depends on:

    1. What you are selling;

    2. What your target market is;

    3. What your advertising budget is.

    Do you have any more information you can give us?

    With very best wishes,

    Alex Maxim
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    I am based in Nairobi Kenya and my major focus is advertising. Before investing money ina marketing gig, you should know the following about us Africans.
    1. Africans trust people they know. In this case, try to work with influencers from Togo.
    2. Facebook ads are also a viable marketing option. A lot of people in TOGO are on Facebook.
    3. If possible, spare a certain percentage of your budget to spend in traditional advertisng space. Newspapers and radio are unmatched.
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