Should I delete my listing and start fresh on Amazon?

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I recently took one of my companies products on amazon. I created the listings and had them go live. Now it is a couple of weeks later, I am improving the product images and enabling enhanced branded content through A+. I also have not started any marketing campaigns on Amazon for the product nor contacted my current customers to tell them about the launch on Amazon. I thought making the content better and running campaigns later over time would be fine but now I just found out that you want everything top-notch and to start running campaigns on day one or it will severely hurt your rankings. I am debating if I should stay down my current path and just fix things and roll out the ad campaigns or if I should delete the product and listing. Then I can redo the listing and have everything looking great before I set the launch date where I can have the ad campaign set to start immediately. So far, we only have one review of the product so I would lose that, but it is only one. Any advice?
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