I think I need a decent landing page ?

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Hi everyone, I've been researching a product and customers needs for 4 years from 2014 to 2018, then marketed the product early last year. The product works great for almost all people that buy it, the big problem is that it only sells about 5 bottles a month! :-( (including repeat purchases) It's for a natural sleeping aid. (I can't put the link here). I've spent about £150 on Google adwords, which didn't lead to any sales at all. I work the usual 9-5 to pay the bills and only have about £50 left over every month to spend on this. I'm also willing to look at affiliates as well. I just don't know where I'm going wrong, can anyone help please?

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time out to read this.
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    I think you are just on track. The only problem is the kind of a product you are dealing in. Has it passed the numerous health test? If it has, you need to try the traditional ads.
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      Originally Posted by Medon View Post

      I think you are just on track. The only problem is the kind of a product you are dealing in. Has it passed the numerous health test? If it has, you need to try the traditional ads.
      Thanks Medon, what would you call traditional ads?

      If anyone needs any additional info to be able to help, just post back what kind of details you need.
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    can anyone help please?
    Not based on the information given.
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    Hey Chris,

    You didn't provide a lot of information here to get some solid advice. There are numerous questions to ask and answer, but here are a few to get a better conversation rolling. Try to provide as many details as possible. What you think is not a problem, could be the actual problem.

    1. How did you "market" the product?
    2. What research did you do on the product and customers?
    3. Google Adwords lead to zero sales. How are you getting your 5 sales per month? Are you just sending people directly to a sales page for the product?
    4. How are you targeting people who would buy a sleeping aid?
    5. Who made your sales page? Sales copy? What are the traffic stats? Optimized for SEO?
    6. What are the stats on your adwords? Maybe you have a good product, but your ads don't work.


    If the product works great for "almost" all people who buy it and you only sell 5 bottles per month, those are not great numbers for this product.

    You do not have a very good monthly budget for ads. You spent 4 years researching, I would save up some money for a few months to get a proper ad budget that allows you to split test your ads. You're not able to get much reliable data on your current budget.

    I know it's frustrating. We've all been there at the beginning. Ask the right questions and be patient to get the right information.

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    Your best advertisers will be your repeat buyers, why not ask them why they keep on buying your product? Ask their permission if they will allow you to post their review to your site/blog. The presentation of your blog also count.
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    If you're creating a good-looking landing page, it helps to have an attractive ... Here's what we think makes this landing page design awesome.
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    hey , how are you doing i'm new to this forum and i love the vibe and motivation in this group . you need some traffic source like fb ads or other sources to bring traffic to start getting sales . But you need to look at the data if people are clicking on your google ads but no sales , it usually means that somethings wrong with your landing page or website . it could be slow loading of the landing page or the description isn't that good to make them want to nuy it or price is high or shipping price is high
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    There are so many elements that a top-notch landing page needs, and making those elements the "best" they can be often depends on what your landing page goals are. Take form length, for example. It's just one of the many components you need to optimize, but best practices will tell you that both short and long forms perform well - it all depends on whether you want to generate a lot of (potentially) lower-quality form submissions, or a smaller number of higher-quality submissions.
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    Here are some tips to create effective landing pages:

    Align your offer with your audience
    Align your ad copy with your headline
    Write a compelling headline
    Give prospects enough information
    Craft a persuasive call to action
    Address specific customer anxieties
    Use images that direct the visitor's eye to the CTA
    Invest in good design

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    Thanks all for the info on this, am going to work more on this.
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    One tip I have with Google Ads is to try setting up one Ad Group per keyword. This way you can be very specific. i.e. Use the chosen keyword and incorporate it in your headline and description. Then link to a landing page that also includes the same keyword.

    Also, try thinking about the keyword intent. For instance, if someone is just starting their buyer journey, then they'll be likely to search for reviews. When they're a bit further in their buying decision, they might start looking at discounts. And when they're ready to make the purchase, they might be searching for a specific product.

    Example: Let's say your selling TV, then these are some keywords that ppl might search for
    Beginning Stage - TV reviews / Which TV is the best
    Middle Stage - TVs on sale
    Final Stage - Where to buy specific (TV model #)
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    Hello, your information is very vague but I can assist you nonetheless .

    First : Depending on the product you should diverse you the platforms you have it available on.

    List it on as many eCommerce platforms as possible , this might be costly due to your budget but there are cheaper alternatives ( shopify facebook sales channel option , woocommerce with a cheap hosting , Xpagefy.com ecommerce or the mainstream ones like ebay amazon etc) This might seem irrelevant but its good for SEO, brand recognition also trickle in sales

    2. Use google shopping feed ads, it works wonders for eccommerce stores if setup and managed right

    Don't bother with facebook or normal google ads your budget won't cut it for good results . Try the above tips and maybe sales should definitely increase .

    NB: I have personally used these methods on my ecommerce shops and they work well so its not a total waste of time to try them out.
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    Have you been looking at your bounce rates? What pages are users coming into your site through, and how long do they stay there? If you bounce rate is extremely high for your main landing page, then users aren't getting the information they need as quickly as they want. The average user only gives you 15 seconds of their attention, so if someone coming into your site doesn't know what your selling and why they should buy it in that time then it doesn't matter how many people you bring into your site because all of the will split.

    I noticed that my home page had a high bounce rate and according to heat maps users were not reading the most important information. So I changed the layout where the most relevant information is right in front of you when you enter the page, and both user retention and sales increased. I would ask people who aren't familiar with your website to look it over for 10-15 seconds and then have them tell you what they gathered from your site in that time. Make sure you also have a strong call to action. Show users that the point of your site is to buy something, not just to gather information.
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