Why E-Commerce SEO is so hard?

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Well certainly we can see that compare to a blog or business website where there is a limited pages, E-commerce websites are not so easy to rank.
  • Thousand products and changing seasonally.
  • No fix keywords.
  • Changing trends

How to keep up like that? Apart from paid marketing. Should we just focus on building great authority?
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    I understand your problem. eCommerce consider as my first real success from online income, although it was just a few hundred back many years ago. I tend to try open different stores, different niche and no success at all. Even pump in money to promote facebook ads and ig shoutout.

    But I learn a trick after that, which totally make the whole process easier.

    Use Google trend to find the upcoming or hottest product, make sure have huge amount of potential buyer, hack the competitors. And build a shop that just focuses on 1 product. And keep promote it until you make the first sales, then second, third and so forth... Then scale it up...

    I closed down my sunglasses online shop with hundreds of designs with no much success and built a shop with just 1 product - a dog portable water bottle. And I have good success, on this 1 product than the a shop with so many products.

    You will be surprised is easier to just focus on promote 1 product than promote the whole shop. Google have many tools that are enough to make you success. And always remember google is your best friend ya... lol

    Hope this helps!

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    The key is choosing the right product niche from the beginning. I would NEVER choose a niche where products change annually, let alone seasonally. Sure, adding a few new products and deleting a few every year is fine but anything more than a dozen or so once a year and it is a site that takes far too much maintenance.

    Unlike "newnieleoling", I don't advise going after the "hot new product" at all. I want to build evergreen sites that I can continue to work on and grow for many, many years. I want a product line that has been popular for awhile and will still be bought ten years from now.

    Finally, there are many ways to build content with an eCommerce store. You can write your own, unique product descriptions that discuss the benefits of products and who they will be best for. You can include videos, owner's manuals, customer testimonials, reviews, product-specific FAQs.

    Your category pages can have category-specific FAQs, recommendations of the best products for specific needs, product comparisons.

    The best thing you can do is create one or more buyer's guides that allow customers to easily choose the best product for their specific needs. Prominently link to that/those buyer's guide(s) from all appropriate pages. Not only is there an excellent chance that your buyer's guide will eventually rank well, but more important, it helps customers feel confident in their choice, improving conversions.
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    It is hard because there are so many products and you cannot rank all products at the same time and you cannot ranking 300 keywords at the same time.
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    I too agree "Dave", an Ecommerce portal should have products that are changing, trendy, fashionable and with the trends. Actually this is the beauty of Ecommerce portals that you have anything new everyday that compels visitors to visit at least once a day.

    Further, content is surely going to help you and good piece of advise is to follow content marketing, not just content writing. Build a very good blog and start writing posts like "Top 10 sunglasses to buy these summers" or "top 10 Halloween Theme based gifts" etc. By this way you can easily attract not just traffic, rather expect conversions as well.

    Finally, you should take help of influencer marketing as that too helps a lot. Understand this thing that it's comparatively easier to market an Ecommerce portal as you have so much to share and even Social Media Platforms help you a lot in this.
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    You don't rank the pages for the products that change... you rank pages that have a broader appeal.

    If you were selling dog products and some of your products are food, you'd rank a page for dog food... or one for organic dog food, one for small breed dog food... one for dog food for weight loss... and these pages would like to the individual products...You would change the content on the individual product page... or delete them and build new ones.

    Originally Posted by Cherry Crumble View Post

    Well certainly we can see that compare to a blog or business website where there is a limited pages, E-commerce websites are not so easy to rank.
    • Thousand products and changing seasonally.
    • No fix keywords.
    • Changing trends

    How to keep up like that? Apart from paid marketing. Should we just focus on building great authority?
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    The best thing you can do before you start your e-commerce business is read the google guidelines on page rankings. its a 166 page document but the matrices are very clear. Also take a little course on inbound marketing, you can find free ones on hubspot. Marketing is ever evolving dude. Make use of the tools available. Another advice, niche down as much as you can so you find only customers actually passionate/interested in your product.
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  • Hello friends... this website truly updated but The best thing you can do is read the google guidelines on page rankings before you begin your e-commerce business.
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    Yes it is correct. Ecommerce websites have a lot of pages due to its unlimited number of products, brands and categories. So it is very hard to do SEO of each page.
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  • I feel SEO forE-commerce need strongest engagement with customer.But before everything done , we could build traffic with great link ,natural organic visitor and configure small on seo page in every product / service
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    The quality of the content and consistency is the most important in my eyes.So you have to be active ,engaging ,following up and upgrading your website .
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    As per me, it is not hard, but you need to have some specific planning because ecommerce seo is different than normal seo.

    You should have some realistic goal. I think e-mail marketing also helpful
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    Ah... yes you are right it's hard to do SEO of an e-commerce website as compare to any blog or business website. But nothing is impossible you can also do SEO of an e-commerce website in a good manner. I will Suggest you as you are running an e-commerce platform, so you should have to apply different strategies as I have also managed for a long time my own online seller platforms. I will suggest you implement the following strategies.

    Do SEO of your products separately and research about that in which regions these products are in demand, you can do it from google trends or any other platform.

    find out your niche, then target the market then find out relevant keywords according to your site and product also get your competitors keywords by using different keyword tools like ahrefs is most popular in this.
    Create your business account on social media platforms like Instagram and facebook then run ads on specific products about which your research says that these are trending products or generally.

    Create a youtube channel and make videos about your product reviews.

    Try to get backlinks from higher domain authority websites both forums and social bookmarking sites and sites according to your niche.

    In last, I only want to say that you should also provide some deals and discounts to your customers so that your audience get trust on you.
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    E-Commerce SEO is a really hard thing for the beginning stage only. Because we had multiple keywords, not fixed keywords.

    Here I shared some ideas below

    Add your products, description and website link on amazon seller and Flipkart seller websites. And do proper ways to rank on Flipkart and Amazon websites.

    Here this way so you can reach the customers.
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    An eCommerce website needs a slightly different approach. Instead of targetting SEO on products, its better to target SEO on category pages. Make your category pages content reach and more usable for buyers. Many time a product gets discontinued and all the SEO efforts can get wasted.
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    If you have a webshop with thousands of products, you'll need at least a full-time SEO employee to handle it all. There's so many changes in content all the time, and running stores with so many products should only be done in two circumstances: If you're highly experienced in eCommerce, or if you're focusing on generating sales through product feeds(product ads on google and/or facebook + affiliate).
    Else I would much rather suggest that you focus on taking a one-product store to the skies first.
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  • Content is king. I own a cleaning products website and i find it pretty easy to get rankings. You need to promote unique products only. If 100 companies are selling "kentucky mops" - i sell cotton kentucky mops.

    I have a great blog incorporated and i also own a small business directory. When i get a new product, i write 3 x 1000 words articles and i post it on the website, blog & directory. Then i link it between each other. Magic results. I sell 20k per month at 35% profits before VAT. 0 staff. Just 1400 euro rent. 100% online. Next day delivery

    I hope this helps

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  • You do not need good rankings for all your products. If you get good rankings for carpet cleaning shampoos you are likely to sell a lot of deodorisers, gloves, etc. The customer that needs x product will buy y product as well.

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    Too Much Competition and the variety of available products..
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  • SEO is all about of game-changing process that always changed due to the latest search engine updates that are never-ending processes. But, I hope you know "The Content is King". So, Whatever you do (SEO activities). But you have to remember the content should be supreme in all manners. Even top SEO experts like Brain Dean and Nail Patel also talking about it.
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  • I understand, SEO on e commerce website is hard as with numerous products you have to look for and with different types of products there are different types of keywords to rank, and you can not make every keyword rank. So , by following proper strategies you will be good to go for proper SEO.
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