Shopify app - How do I get store owners to try out my new gamification app for discount-led stores?

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Context: we used to run our own fashion store (with discounts) and over time became obsessed with gamifying the sales/discount process (I still don't understand exactly how it happened).

To that end we've developed 2 shopify apps - these are experiments that actually worked for us and led to higher sign-ups, time on site, conversion etc. They're quite different from each other, called (i) Sale Spinner & (ii) Quest

Obviously we've heard crickets after these apps were released. I expected this to happen. But my stoic attitude masks a slow yet rising panic.

The apps' premise is relatively niche & new - gamifying user journeys. So I'm not expecting a line out the door...but still if you have any answer to one of the following questions, would love to hear your POV

- if you're a store owner, how do you usually find out about an app?

- what triggers you to make the decision to download the app for your store?

- are there any affiliate networks that I can reach out to?

- any other ways to find store owners willing to try out different apps?
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