Shipping Calculator For eCommerce Sites With 100's Of Items Of Various Size and Weights

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Hey all!

Have a WooCommerce site that sells 100's of items all with vary size and weight and trying to figure out the best way to handle shipping calculations for customers. What is the best way to do this when multiple items can be put in a single box but some items require shipment separately.

For example here are a few different scenarios:

1. Customer orders 10 small items with a total weight of 5 lbs that are shipped in a small box
2. Customer orders 10 items, 5 small and 5 big with a total weight of 40 lbs and are shipped in a bigger box
3. Customer order 10 items, 4 small and 4 big that go in one box and two specialty items that have to be shipped individually.

Is there an easy way to handle this? Any specific plugins that would be a good solution here? Would integrating with something like ShipStation be good here?

Any help or thoughts is greatly appreciated!

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