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Hi, I am currently using the shopping cart (and email marketing) of Infusionsoft together with merchant services, both of which I want to replace with something less expensive.
Current scenario: I have three long term clients, who are automatically charged on their credit card. Infusionsoft manages this, including emails to notify them when their credit card is almost expired or has expired. The current setup is in Wordpress that links to Infusionsoft's shopping cart, but I don't have reason for anyone new to sign up this way. I just have to handle my 3 clients somehow. I did set up Stripe, but I don't know anything about it. I'm not sure if it can handle charging clients every month.
So the requirement is for monthly billing from their credit cards and automated emails regarding their credit card expirations or non-payment.
Do you have any recommendations for a less expensive setup? (edit)
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