What would you do on Black Friday?

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It's the time of the year again - Black Friday deals, and almost everyone flocks to their favourite retail store and spend on everything from t-shirts to trousers to basketball shoes to laptops.

And with so many strategies, it can be hard even for avid shoppers which deal to choose. Consumers no longer opt for mere massive discounts, and retailers need more than that big red 90% discount sign to stand out among the rest.

And if you happen to run an e-commerce store, how would you strategize increasing your sales? How will you give discounts without affecting profit margins?
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    I'm not going to do any discounts at all. Let people spend their money for something else.

    ...just answering your question.
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    nothing at all , with every year no time for this crazy shopping , just better for me to buy things in normal days !
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    I`d try out discounts for bulk buying & 50% coupons for December orders above x price

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    I generally do not run sales on holidays.. and its not that I don't want to make more sales, I just use an un expected method in getting more.

    As it relates to Thanksgiving, and Christmas and New Years... People on my e-mail lists receive a heartfelt family to family type message. No mention of sales or discounts or any of that Corporate holiday crap... Just thanks for being a part... from the <insert email list company. and My family> Happy Thanks giving or Merry Christmas.. or Happy New Year.

    Beats SALE SALE SALE all day long - and no discounts LOL
    Success is an ACT not an idea
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    I'll say Live commerce, as it still get the most exposure and attention from audience. there are Live shopping technology also providing shopable element during the live streaming event.
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    Hi Enzo,

    Black Friday is an opportunity to promote any type of sale, or promotion. I like to call it "event marketing", because it has a specific date, just like any other Holiday marketing campaign.

    While Black Friday is generally considered a retail "Brick n' Mortar" sales event, it is quite common to see eCommerce stores jump into the buying frenzy that typically occurs on Black Friday, the official 1st day of Christmas shopping season.

    Let's not forget that eCommerce has it's own separate online sales event "Cyber Monday" as a counter to the retail madness of Black Friday sales events.

    Many eCommerce stores combine the 2 sales event dates to hold Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, or promotions.

    It's a myth that you must drop your prices to ridiculous discount ranges of 50% or more off. That's only effective if you have a large selection and you want to run a loss leader sale to boost store traffic. You can run a promotion of any kind and get excellent traction during these events.

    If your eCommerce store generally never offers a discount then even a small discount of 5% can be effective when advertising to those people that have been on the fence and just need a little incentive to purchase. Or similarly, if you do not offer free shipping you could make that your Black Friday/Cyber Monday special. I often re-package my normal everyday promotional offers into "Black Friday" themed ad campaigns and have fantastic results.

    Even if you generally never run sales events, it can be an excellent opportunity to boost sales because many "tight wad" consumers get caught up in the shopping frenzy and make all kinds of purchases they typically would not make. All that pent up purchasing desire comes flooding out on these 2 sales event days. People that hate to shop will try to get it all done in one big purchasing frenzy.

    Think of it as a day that most finicky customers turn into spendthrift shopaholics. You have to have your offers in front of them to take advantage of this altered state of shopping frenzy. If you do little or no advertising, this the time of year that you can often get the extraordinary results from simple ad campaigns. My advice is to jump in and see what happens.


    Don Burk
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    Every year about the same time this post or many variations pop up and it is always the same.

    You should have asked this question is July or August, if you are just thinking about it now then all I can say is you are too late

    The Flu? Not worthy of a mention here???
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    I'll definitely be running giveaways -
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    Of course, it's to improve the shopping experience and let customers enjoy themselves
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