Instagram is a powerful tool for eCommerce

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This might sound redundant and obvious, but Instagram is a powerful tool that can be used in eCommerce. The numbers don't lie too - Instagram has 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook.

Do you agree with this?
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    yes sir right, Instagram is very good platform, on Instagram we easily found niche people therefore we can easily target them and easily sell our product.
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    Ya, I also use it. It's good, also support open graph schema.
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    It does sound 'redundant and obvious' but the link makes up for it. Sadly, most who post bland comments or pure spam - didn't click the link to begin with.
    Saving one dog will not change the world - but the world will change forever for that one dog.

    I wish offended people would react like fainting goats and quietly tip over.
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    Do you feel that this is true across all demographics? Most of my customers are middle aged or elderly. Looking at related keywords in Instagram, there doesn't seem to be a lot of interest or related posts.
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    yes sir, Instagram is very good platform,
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    yeah, facebook is now not that powerful like before. I don't use it for market my products.
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    Yea i am agree it is so powerful for marketing.
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  • Agreed! Your link is proof enough that Instagram is a great channel for ECommerce marketing. And how! This platform offers the best way to promote your products/services: you can post high-res, creative images of your products/services with clickbait captions on Instagram. Here are some ways you can make the most of Instagram for your business --

    You can create content with trending Instagram hashtags that are relevant to your business and schedule a month's content in advance. Use tools to engage your audience with the content you post at regular intervals. You can get audience insights and tag your products on your Instagram business profile.

    Hold contests and post UGCs like customer testimonials with pictures; host free giveaways especially during festive seasons and sale rush periods like the upcoming BFCM. This can include your behind-the-scenes preparation methods for BFCM like mystery gift packaging or other such activities. This keeps your audience engaged and is a sure short way to grow your brand popularity.

    Make use of Influencer Marketing where your followers, bloggers and influencers promote your content so you get referral business. Hosting an Instagram Flash Mob with Insta celebs is a fail-proof idea to get good impressions.

    A comment on a potential customer's posts on Instagram can lead to a meaningful conversation and a wider reach for your brand. They may start following your brand.

    A great platform to post your product updates through retargeting tools, inform people about your product launches, company events and other announcements besides your website. You can connect your Instagram feed with your homepage so that your Insta followers get redirected to your store, thus improving site visits and conversions.

    Get the advantage of inbuilt analytical tools on Instagram and other third-party tools that showcase your products in a more organized way and also analyze your sales traffic.This will help you understand which products get more likes and the time when your followers are active so you can meet them with more of what they like.

    Instagram Ads (paid & organic) are another way of promoting your products. You can also sync your Instagram account with your Facebook ad settings so your Facebook ads will also appear on Instagram. Either create Insta ads in feeds or as stories.

    The best part is that you can generate sales through Instagram without setting a massive budget for it. Having said that, it's also good to have some paid media marketing on Instagram as the platform is modifying its algorithm to show the best posts first. This means the content you post should be visually stimulating, highly responsive on all devices and worthy of paid promotions.
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  • Profile picture of the author shivam pandey
    1. The shop new button
    2. Instagram stories
    3. Link with in Instagram stories
    4. Discoverer ability
    5. concion
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    That's true. I also prefer Instagram to Facebook for my eCommerce websites promotion.
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  • Yes, instagram is a powerful tool for e commerce and there are more chances of engagement there..
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    Well to be precise, Instagram is good for certain niches not for everything.
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    Yes.Instagram is one most powerful social media platform.It is used by industries to create brand awareness.
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    Obviously Yes! Instagram is a powerful platform to promote your business in recent days. You can reach most of them people on Instagram who is in your niche.
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    I do. Instagram is (was?) the future.

    You can say what you want about the newest users of social media - they do have the attention span of a fish. IMHO that's why Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat are going to completely overcome Facebook - it is after all more attention consuming.

    Have some experience managing both FB and Insta accounts - got to witness this first hand. Influencers work better on Instagram, videos generate more engagement and it overall has proved to be more successful and easier to manage than facebook: you have a short video of 15 seconds, you put a short caption of one-two sentences, throw in like 30 bucks for ads and that's it.

    After a while we didn't even bothered with doing everything ourselves. Got some third party help with the whole automatisation, invested in a proxy (Not posting ads or anything, but we've struggled on this part quite a lot, so here's a link to help anyone interested out).

    So yeah, we'd basically set up the whole content like two weeks in advance and that's pretty much it - we'd even forget we had to do something with our Instagram account.

    Of course, not everything is as easy, as I've probably made it sound, but if you want to be successful in the social media market - work on Instagram as much, as possible and make it your priority.
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    Zelnsta tool is most powerful tool for making follower on Instagram. Just try it. Thanks
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    Yes, Instagram is very good too in eCommerce. No doubt. For me, it is the best tool to be honest. Engagement is the key. It's so easy for potential customers to write in direct messages and ask whatever they want. But there is one problem - BOTS! Hate them so MUCH!!! The solution is antispam services. My personal recommendation for everybody is . No more ads in my account any longer, more time for real clients. Good luck!
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    Instagram is very mobile friendly app for ecommerce online shopping and create business post and shopping cart to improve conversions and clicks
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    Yes, Instagram is the best way to promote your brand in Digital Market, If we talk about for e-commerce, so Instagram is very helpful for your business, product and services here you can easily get the best branding reputation of your brand.
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    yes but one should know how to bring the traffic from it smartly to your e-store.
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