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It's Black Friday, so I came up with some ideas to promote your Friday deals:

Hourly deals

This works well if your store has a high amount of traffic. Hourly deals also encourage last-minute spending (who wouldn't want to buy 95% discounts).

Free shipping

Perhaps the most common shopping deal, I don't have to explain this further. People love free shipping - I don't mind buying a flash drive for $10 as long as I don't have to pay for shipping. Plus, it encourages people to buy more so they take can take advantage of paying zero freight charges.

Personalised coupon codes

And you do this by sending customers a unique coupon code via email to loyal customers. However, I recommend that this is done seldomly, as it takes time creating unique coupon codes.

Free item for every purchase

And do this by providing gifts to customers once they reach a spending threshold. Who doesn't want a free item, right?

Are you running an active WSO? Will you offer Black Friday deals?
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