Who is making the big money dropshipping???

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Every couple of days I see some story in the news about someone who made big money dropshipping, ie. "Unemployed man living in parents basement with no IT or ecom experience starts dropshipping makes $800,000 in one year". Please, someone tell me who this is or who has experienced this. I have watched a lot of online youtube videos about the success just waiting for dropshippers. So I will admit, I created a site that took me two weeks to complete because I wanted it absolute perfect, I watched and read about creating FB ads so I figure I had that down as well. So, I made the site live, placed the ad and sat back and waited for the orders to roll in... Sadly, not one - - single - - order. So I beg the question... Is anyone making money dropshipping via AliExpress on Shopify running FB ads?
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    Overnight success is a myth, whether it's dropshipping or any other business model. But with proper utilization of online tools and resources, you can achieve the business growth you want and more. It's possible to earn sales on Shopify dropshipping through Facebook ads.

    First, target your ideal audience and convert them. Retarget people who have either visited your site or followed you on social media using the Custom Audiences feature on your Business Manager account.

    Look for new customers using Facebook ads and tools where you can select the interests, behaviors and demographics of these customers.
    Find out more about your potential customers using Facebook Business Manager's tool called Audience Insights.

    Set your ad sets to conversions or Add to Cart if you want to get more sales in your store you can choose Add to Cart. Retarget audiences with dynamic product ads.

    Make ad sets and narrow down audiences based on the type of Facebook posts they like, gender, languages, their interests, profession, demographics, buying habits, the groups they belong to and who converts through your Facebook ads.

    Create campaigns targeted at such audiences.

    Monitor your ad campaign performances through Facebook Pixel and optimize these campaigns according to what works for your store through ad funnels.

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    Yes, there are indeed someone earns money through dropshipping. But the problem is can you find a niche product with high profit?
    If the answer is YES, well, you are one of the successful dropshippers.
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    What I can say from my experience - don't trust Internet. There's no such thing as "get rich quick"...

    I don't suggest to start with Facebook ads if you don't have at least $1000-$2000...

    I been in this game since 2018 February and I still are not where I want to be...it requires a looot of work, patience, sacrifice...

    Most people are not willing to put in the work...and 99.9% of people give up...

    Then gurus on YouTube sell you on this pain point - "EARN XYZ IN THE NEXT 30 DAYS'', ''HOW TO EARN XYX SELLING SATURATED PRODUCTS VIA FB ADS QUICKLY''

    I spent over $800 in online courses and none of them helped me...

    If you are brand new I can give you some tips on how to make money without paid ads...


    It will require your time...


    * You need to choose a niche (for example "cat niche")
    * Create an Instagram page
    * Post daily (not only product pictures), follow targeted audience (find them using #, for example #siamesecat)
    * A lot of will follow you back if you have a great content
    * Have a professional looking bio with the link to your store
    * Some followers will organically check out your store & some might buy as well

    - This is one way you can make some $$!

    This can require a lot of work...but if you are hungry enough you will make it work!

    There are other free ways such as dm'ing followers and giving them discount code, etc!
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