Spent 1k in FB ads with no conversions. What can I look at in my data to see what works?

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I am running a drop shipping store where I am selling a laser product. I have a shopify site, and primarily running FB ads that are getting tons of engagement and click through, but my store isn't converting. I would like to know if I am perhaps targetting a bad interest in my ads. Would like to know what to look at in my business manager to see what is working and what isn't.
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    Good question. I am also running some dropship stores and would like to know the same as OP.
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    My guess is you are targetting a wrong user base, try amending it a bit and compare the results.
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    Without more details, it's impossible to diagnose, but $1k in traffic with no purchases is a really bad sign. It could be your targeting is off, your product/offer isn't enticing, or your website doesn't invoke trust in potential customers. I'm going to take a guess and say all the above.

    What's your ad CTR, ad relevance score, avg. cpc? How many people made it to checkout? Are you running for link clicks, conversions, or something else?

    What is the price of your product? Is this a product that people really want? How's the design on your store? If you were a customer who clicked on the ad, would you feel like this is a legitimate company (be honest with yourself)?
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    torresrandy92 and cheese1688 If you 2 could DM me a link to look at the ad and a link to the landing page, I will try and help you out.
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    most important for me is to know well your audience and your customers.? if you are a customer of your store you should ask your self "why do i purchase an item from this store ?? is it trusted? is there any customers already tried it? is there a reviews on the product page??" then you need to track your converted users from your ads to your store"where do they stop engagement??" is there a problem on my checkout page ? do my customers are using a different currencies ? ... and i think if you spent little money in instagram that would be good even on SEO strategies to varies your traffic
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  • Lots of things here:

    1) Ad
    a) Highlight a problem and agitate?
    b) Offer downloadable asset as solutiong?
    c) Stand out visually?

    2) Landing page
    a) Deliver on ad's promise?
    b) Present single call to action?
    c) Offering upsell on thank you?
    d) Match ad (creates continuity)?

    3) Retargeting
    a) Running separate retarget?
    b) Disqualifying purchasers with 'burn' pixel?

    These are just some quick thoughts to consider...


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