Is Amazon FBA still a thing?

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With Amazon being a trusted brand, I'm thinking it is one of the best places to sell products, however if it is way over saturated, I don't want to waste my time.

Your thoughts?

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    So - you've identified Amazon as a 'great place to sell' - and decided it's too much trouble to compete...all in one sentence?

    Not sure what answers you expect...those successfully selling will say it works. Those who failed will say it doesn't work. How does that change anything for you?
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      People who fail at certain thing will always tell that it doesn't work or it's just saturated.

      Same old questions: "Does SEO still work?, Does Affiliate Marketing still work?" and lists goes on and on...
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    Well said, Kay King. Other than that, "FBA" stands for "Fulfillment By Amazon" which has nothing at all to do with selling on Amazon. You can use Amazon as a fulfillment center only (FBA), regardless of whether you choose to sell your products on Amazon or not. You just ship all of your products to Amazon (or have your manufacturer ship to them) and they take care of the order packing and shipping.
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    Amazon is not going away anytime soon. They are a mega selling machine and putting your inventory on Amazon makes so much sense.

    While certain specific products line and brands may be somewhat saturated, in the big picture Amazon will continue to be the go to site for people who shop online.
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    I must say Amazon is worth trying and with FBA your product is on the hands of Amazon, So there is no other better option.
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    There's always a competition in everything. There are millions of products on amazon that still need to be discovered so if anything gets competitive we found other ways to enter it. The main headache on amazon fba is to hunt the right product and it is getting harder day by day but if you have the money you can do anything.
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