Selling on Amazon platform - How do you track changes on your listings? Is there a viable app?

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How do you track changes on your listings? Is there a viable app? How do you track if changes lead to more sales / sessions?

Hey Everyone,
This has been an issue for me for some time now. I use a regular excel spreadsheet to track the listing changes manually for now, which is unrealable and time consuming as you know if you do the same.

I was looking for different seller apps, but have not found anything substantial. All the different apps, track specific things like reviews, feedbacks, bindwise app tracks also different changes in Titles, descriptions and such. However, they send you these change alerts in an email, which is unusable format. Also, very important thing we would need to track is "amazon choice" and changes in it along with other badges and active promotions, for which I cannot find anything.
Ideally I would want to be able to export these info into csv file so that I can import it into excel.

Ultimately the goal is to grow/maintain sales of course. So tracking changes is only the first step. Ideally I would want an app that also correlates the listing changes with changes in sales, trying to find the changes that correlate the most with sales and also see, if the changes in sales are statistically significant, or just normal everyday deviation.

Right now, I am doing both the changes tracking and correlating with sales changes hand, which is incredebly time consuming and frustrating. "Amazon choice" badge has huge influence on our sales, but I track it only manually, which means I am sometimes couple days late to note the change.

Also when I try to see if change was statistically significat for better or worse, it's hard to just see this from regular graph, so I have to use excel and plug everything in. At the end of the day we simply do not have the time to do this for all the listings all the time.

Has any one of you tried doing this / solving it? Any suggestions for apps / your way of doing things?

I am so frustrated by this that I am thinking about having an app programmed for it... It will not be cheap though...(edit by mod)

Thanks for any suggestions!

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