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I've got a fairly new woocommerce site and not happy with a few bits and pieces and want to change them but not sure what I want to do is the correct way of going about things.

I've a product that is available in four finishes (we'll say gold, silver, bronze and lead) and between 4 and 9 different sizes. The way the site was originally set up for these products was four seperate variable products for each of the finishes.

What I want to do is combine say the bronze and lead versions (two finishes, 9 products of each) so I can create decent content rather than risk duplication issues but leave the gold and silver as seperate variable products as sizes are different and the prices on these are a lot higher than the bronze and lead.

What is the best way of writing the URL for the combined version to give Google extra info etc and best way to write product title considering limited space.

Finally, will Google automatically pickup all the variations of the products through my description or is there anything else I need to do?

Sorry if the above is really simple, tis my first post here - go easy! I'm new (ish) to eccomerce but get by in SEO for my own site but cannot find any guides on SEO on variabe products anywhere!

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    I think before I went to all that time and trouble I'd first research how often your product is searched for with the material or color or size. My guess is "practically never"; therefore, I wouldn't waste a minute of time on it.
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      Thanks Dave,

      I never looked at it from that angle, that kind of makes sense!
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