Food sold on Facebook Marketplace might endanger consumers

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A new article on The Grocer talks about foodservice stock that's sold on the Facebook Marketplace might endanger consumers according to experts.

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While restaurant suppliers are still shifting food ever since lockdowns were implemented, fraudulent sellers have mushroomed in the marketplace selling adulterated food to avoid detection in grocery stores.

According to Queen's University food safety professor Chris Elliot, most consumers have Facebook Marketplace on top of mind when buying goods. "I'm sure a lot of what's being sold on there is good, fine food, but I would say there's also a lot of fraud happening on that marketplace now," he added.

The Grocer also found Facebook Marketplace listings selling such food as meat, eggs, and fish, often with no clear evidence they passed food safety checks.

Facebook doesn't vet what's being sold on the marketplace, so that's something consumers should be wary. Many under-the-radar and illicit businesses could just post a listing on Facebook Marketplace while evading food safety inspections.

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    Originally Posted by WF- Enzo View Post

    Facebook doesn't vet what's being sold on the marketplace

    Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!

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    I basically live in the "sticks" so facebook marketplace posts offering 1/2 and whole cows and eggs and single cuts of assorted meats is pretty common.

    The question then becomes "Is it safe?" and the answer is ( in my opinion ) how well do you know the person that is processing the meat?

    Again were I live its pretty common for people to have chicken coups and to get fresh eggs. I buy a dozen or so a week from my neighbor - pretty regularly. These eggs are not "Regulated" and don't have the little pink stamp on them. But, they done come from a building holding 1,000,000 chickens either.
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    This is just horrible.
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