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Hi guys, I hope all you are fine and doing well. So, let's jump on the query. We have created one Shopify eCommerce store ( B2B). But the product URL structure is so strange. Like when you go towards the products through the collection you should see URL ( domainname/collectionname/product ) but when you see sitemap your exact URL will be indexed ( domainname/productname ) this one is looking good but literally I don't like Shopify please suggest the best framework for eCommerce store. Thanks.
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    The URL has absolutely ZERO to do with how your page will rank or whether or not it is indexed. We've moved hundreds of websites over from other platforms to Shopify and the pages ranked better, for whatever reason (I suspect it is that Shopify has better responsive themes, so pages rank better on mobile, which matters in a "mobile-first" indexing algorithm such as Google's).

    That said, if you are bent on changing, you can use 3DCart or BigCommerce and get the URL structure you desire.
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    Top 5 Framework you can use for Ecommerce Development:

    Magento Ecommerce Framework. It is an open source PHP based framework
    Zend Framework.
    Shopify Framework.
    WooCommerce Framework.
    Symfony Framework.
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    Yeah. One of our partners also had a bad experience with them.
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    OpenCart, Shopify, Magento, Oxid, Wordpress.
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    You can use any latest PHP frameworks instead of CMS like OpenCart, Magento, Wordpress.

    The latest and advanced php frameworks are Laravel and Zend Framework. This will help you to build the advanced and enterprise eCommerce Store will all required features. It will be support for new modules and features integration.

    As per my experience, Please avoid the Saas based monthly subscription model.

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    Hi there,

    benefits of using PHP based framework for e-commerce website development
    The first thing to consider while developing your business in the digital era is making it work online. The eCommerce is growing at a quick pace, providing business owners with numerous opportunities.

    Although, building a website for the e-commerce purposes is far from an easy task, as the online shoppers are more experienced now and their requirements are also higher, there are numerous ways to do that starting from simply adding an online shop to the existing website, up to building the site from scratch using PHP frameworks.

    Laravel has a bunch of features that it shares with Symfony. However, this one is claimed to be the most popular open-source PHP framework. It is relatively young, its history started in 2011. Laravel makes such tasks as caching, security, routing, and authentication much easier and developer-friendly.

    Among the advantages of Lavarel is the possibility to build complex apps and customization features like data migration and MVC architecture support. Besides, it unsure of the high level of security that is the life force of any eCommerce website.

    Being a young and rapidly developing a framework, the developers may find difficulties with new bugs occurrence.
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