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Ok, so we have a small webshop selling smartphone parts. We where thinking to change the way we display out products to the customer.

Currently our "iphone screen replacement" category contains product titles like this :

"screen replacement for iphone 7 black"
"screen replacement for iphone 7 plus black"
"screen replacement for iphone 8 black"
"screen replacement for iphone 8 plus black"
"screen replacement for iphone 8 white"

and so on for every single variation of iphone. So basically we repeat information over and over including product descriptions because not much change from an iphone model to other, atlist nothing relevant for a customer trying to find a replacement screen for a specific model where all variables like screen size and tech behind it is well known.

We are thinking to just compact all the iphone screens into a single product and inside that, create variants for the model and color. Would this be a better approach and benefit both the customer and the way it's going to be seen by search engines?

In my opinion it would be less time consuming when creating products, keep the catalog cleaner, concentrate all the product presentation efforts into a single page with original content and probably a more enjoyable expiriance for the customer.

Please clear this up because this is something i've been thinking about this for a long time now...

Thank you for your attention!
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    I'd consolidate it all as much as possible with the customer then selecting a product option (e.g. color). The only time it really makes sense to create individual products for every variation is if there are ton of searches for those specific variations.

    In this case, I'd probably have separate products for the regular vs. plus models, since those are significantly different phones. I'd keep the colors as options within those products.
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    Check this link for categorization. You may find helpful
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