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Hello everyone, I am new here, coming from southeast Europe. I am in a process of becoming an amazon fba seller, already got my samples and arranged everything with my supplier I just need to give them a green light and my 1st shipment will be on its way.

However, I would like to ask something before we start.

I noticed that a product I will be seling goes along very well with another product, ie that other product greatly expands capabilities of mine (also, my product greatly extends capabilities of that other product), but as i am just starting out i want to start with only 1 product and dont feel like investing a big heap of money into another product inventory and besides, i have nothing extra to offer as far as that other product goes. But together, those 2 products go hand in hand.

I was thinking of "partnering" with someone who is also just starting out but sells that other product, and since both my and theirs product go along together very well, i was thinking that maybe we can both list each other's product on our listing too as a potential "bundle", or at least point customers to also order from each other since they could benefit greatly from buying both as it extends both my and that other person's product capabilities.

Do you think it is a good/bad idea and are people doing this?

Appreciate your input.
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    That might work but you are also opening yourself to giving that other person the idea to sell both products, him/herself - they may have plenty of money of their own to do it.

    If you deem it as an essential add-on, you might also just want to go the affiliate route for that other product. Set up your Thank You For Your Order email to automatically suggest the other product for purchase with your affiliate link in the email. That way, you still get your initial sale without disrupting the sales process and you potentially make money on the affiliate commission after the sale. Later, when you're making decent money, you can go the FBA route with that second product.
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    I like that you say that you want to start out small and build your FBA business.

    I do not like the idea of partnering with someone just to create a bundle. This could lead to multiple problems.I would get selling the initial product and then proceed to do a small order for the add-on product to sell the bundles.

    Best of luck to you.
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