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I have a seen a lot more lately about dropshipping on ebay. Seems like it it solid platform with it being #3 falling behind amazon and walmart. I am interested in niching in the minimalist home decor/ furniture, patriotic and tactical gear, supplements, etc. Anyone have any thoughts or tips for dropshipping on ebay?
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  • Be careful you can get your ebay account banned.
    soon people... Relax...
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    Hey Steve, I used to do drop shipping on Ebay but had to close my store as although I was listing over a thousand items I was not making the sales and profit I needed to cover the charges. One big mistake I made was not to specialise - my products were spread across a dozen categories, you look like you're homing in on a specialty. One thing I would recommend is to do your research on dropshippers / wholesalers, look for reviews on them and then decide where your main market is going to be and get a dropshipper who does free shipping in that country. It helps to offer free shipping in your listings. Another thing to consider is profit margins - I did not do that :-(
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  • somewhat related here: Beth Kindig, a market analyst I follow, just shared some Q2 commerce stats you might find interesting. Etsy sales up over 100%, and Amazon and eBay +15 - 20%. Per her post:
    • Q2 showed the pandemic provided the biggest boon to e-commerce
    • Looking to Q3, data points to continued strength in online shopping.
    • E-commerce growth for the week ending Aug 1 rose 71% YoY. That # is consistent with the Q3 growth recorded in the prior few weeks...

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    Plus they put you in PayPal jail for 90 days.So you have to wait for that long to get paid.I think the reason cause you getting started as a newbie and I assume they want to see you making progress with E bay.
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    In the minute it took me to write this post.. someone died of Covid 19. RIP.
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    This is really a very large dropshipping platform and here you will find competition anyway.
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    I would stay away from eBay - don't get me wrong, it's a great platform to sell, really easy to start and get sales but it's not just secured - they could shut you down any minute and then you're left with nothing! Think about that!
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    I have not successfully made money with drop shipping, but I have built a top rated seller profile on ebay but I bought in bulk from aliexpress or from ebay itself at wholesale prices and sold each item individually.

    On the following I have done my fair share of research but never put anything in place. It wasn't something I saw myself doing. Here is the info, do what you will...

    If you want to drop ship you can use both amazon and walmart as products to drop ship from. Both websites have free shipping on orders over $35 and free returns. A lot of people on ebay buy from ebay because it is easy and some people feel like they are always getting a good deal or don't want to look else where because they already found what they want.

    If you go this route, make sure you keep comparing prices and make sure to include ebay and paypal fees in your sale price on ebay. I will stop here and just suggest youtube for more information.

    Hope this helps
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