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Hello to everyone. I want to start dropshipping. But I haven't enough money for google ads. I want to start selling on Instagram. What do you think about this? Can I sell only by advertising on Instagram? The product I am selling is a t-shirt.
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    Originally Posted by Erebos View Post

    Hello to everyone. I want to start dropshipping. But I haven't enough money for google ads. I want to start selling on Instagram. What do you think about this? Can I sell only by advertising on Instagram? The product I am selling is a t-shirt.
    I think you should get some money together and start your business off on the right foot.


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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    Hey, in my opinion, selling solely on Instagram can be a bit tricky--not only the market on Instagram is very saturated, but it's also difficult to keep up with the customer communication and any technical difficulties that may arise on the platform.

    I'd personally suggest looking into first establishing an online store on an ecommerce platform or online marketplace. If you're just starting out, online marketplace would be the best option in my opinion as your store would already be located on the marketplace and potential customers could easily find it, using the right keywords.
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  • Have you considered instagram influencers to validate products? I also heard bing ads are a bit cheaper.
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      Hi Sebastian, you mean using an Instagram influencer to test the product? I think, it's better you validate the products first on Facebook, check the product on Facebook whether the post getting a lot of engagement (view, like, comment and share). If the number of engagement good, then you can test that product to Instagram influencer. Yeah Bing ads should be cheaper than Google Ads
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        I assume he meant to test advertising the product through influencers and see if that generates some engagement. On that note: Curious to understand why you prefer FB over IG for the validation phase...
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    Hi Erebos,
    You can start selling on Instagram and having earned enough money you can diversify your business on other platforms as well.

    All the best,
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    Man this can be done but it's very tricky and stressful - sadly, exactly how things are when you haven't enough budget for ads!

    Now there are 2 ways (when you have $0-$50 advertising budget)! I'll assume you have set up your store with products you want to sell/dropship ...

    The two free/cheap ways are:

    1. Use micro influencers on IG
    2. DM targeted audience on IG

    I'll explain these in full details here...

    the term Micro Influencers are just regular folks on IG who have gained some following say 5000-50,000 - some engagements, but they aren't setting themselves up to be IG influencers - they don't have it written in their bio - DM for promotions/deals. Just regular folks active on IG!

    You have to send them a DM offering them your product free plus free shipping if they will post your store link and advertise for you! Just ask for their address and send it over from Aliexpress! When they got it. they'll post a video of them using the product and you just might get some sales ....easy! You could spend like $29 on the product and make 10 - 20 sales depending on how smart you are with promos/deals/coupons ...

    You can read up more on how to do this on google!

    Now Direct Messaging: this is really tricky and tedious as it is also very lucrative! As easy as DMing someone on IG sounds but there some technicalities involved because IG is trying to stop you from DMing people randomly so you're going to need to create some "child" IG accounts to do the messaging which directs traffic to your main/parent IG account.

    Search for your product niche hashtags, if you click on recent - you'll find that people are active and online - and if you DM them, they'll see it! There's the opportunity!

    Two things you have to do to get this right!

    1. Overcome the technical part - get ahead of IG algorithm trying to catch you and ban you for DMing people randomly, you need child accounts on different IPs, limit DMs to 30-50 per day et cetera ....

    2. Target market research has to be spot on! The audiences are out there! You just have to reach them with the right products!

    Lastly you can google this and find out more about this strategies - good luck mate!
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    To get followers on Instagram and start making money you also need to run an advertising campaign which is not cheap too. If you will run a PPC campaign, make sure that your target audience is correct. Always set a budget and the expiration date.
    Another way is to find some influencers and ask them to promote your products
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    It`s pretty normal to start from Instagram in your busuness, I guess, you can even start without any spending on promotion, be active on your business account, create catchy content, explore your competitors, create relevant hashtags
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