Basic Instagram shopify page VS Instagram/FB IN-APP checkout(w stringent requirements)

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I was just setting up the sales channel that is built into Shopify dashboard. Shopify-FB-IG. However since IG policy is item must be delivered within 7 days, I don't think I will be using the IN-APP option anymore. My question is can I simply build an IG and FB page around my brand/Shopify store and strategize how to get potential customers to leave IG to checkout on my Shopify site? I'm just wondering what the latter basic "IG Store page" strategy is called, if anything,in distinction with the In-APP structure which is relatively new and has all the buzz. Also, what are the rules or requirements with IG for that "basic" strategy? I guess this would be like the older model of using IG with Shopify. My products are POD Tees and I need to stock up with warehouse and fulfillment to meet the 7-day demands. Essentially I would have big overhead and that's not what I'm gunning for at this time.
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