2020 stats and trends for eCommerce

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2020 saw the sudden rise in eCommerce, no thanks to the pandemic which accelerated the shift away from physical stores, and the rise of more digital stores.

Which is why this infographic from WebsiteBuilderExpert shows key eCommerce insights and trends for this year.

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    On this front - I found this Benedict Evans chart pretty eye opening for both ecommerce's step change in share (excl grocery in UK, ecommerce now 40% of retail sales!) as well as the considerable "remaining runway" it still theoretically has)

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    Yes in 2020 all the online store were more benefited and specially those who have their mobile application as people were mobile friendly in these days this is the right time for entrepreneur to build up their online business
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    I've seen some news article about Shopify now becoming a serious competitor to Amazon. But they are actually both very similar and same merchants are both on Shopify and Amazon.

    Big downside of Amazon is that individual advertising of your own products doesn't make sense on Amazon. If customers click on your paid ad and come to your page on Amazon, the first next thing will be them going to check competitor's prices. So, a shop has much less opportunity to distinguish itself from competition. Amazon is all about the race to the bottom.

    Shopify is much better for merchants, because one can ad so much more value and one has more control over the special deals, not to mention data etc.

    Guys With Brains Work for Guys With Balls. Guys With Balls Work for Luck.

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  • Thanks for providing the high quality information. Due to COVID-19, all markets were affected. This is a very critical situation for all businessmen how to make their business successful.
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    Thanks for posting. Would also be interested in how this affected the healthcare industry and its related services/products.
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    Thanks for sharing, Enzo.
    Interesting: Main reasons for cart abandonment are shipping-related.
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