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Hi guys im hoping someone can help me see the wood for the trees here.

Im using facebook ads to primarily sell items from my online store at the moment but i keep running into a problem.

I start my ads off in a general "sandbox" mode to learn and get ready for scaling and i typically run about £20-£50 a day (budget permitting) in this learning phase initially.

I'll get 2-3 sales right off the bat in the first 2 days which im happy with my products are around the £50 price point so at this point im breaking even and happy with this for more learning and data (im happy playing the long game)

Then nothing...... i run the adds for about 2-4 extra days to get data but never see anything anywhere near as good as the first few days and any money i did make goes out the window setting me back at a loss where i eventually stop the ads until i have the funds on next pay day from my "real job" to keep going with another "experiment".

Does anyone know what could be going on here? I have many theory's and have taken online courses to learn more but cant seem to break the barrier for scaling and fix this issue. Any scaling I've attempted on the successful data results in little or no sales at all.

Would really appreciate any pointers from maybe someone thats had this problem and found a way.

Take care

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      Thanks Helen, ive been looking at other solutions such as Google ads and had small amounts of sales, but always lose money here, that said the patterns are a lot more predictable. There's never a spike in sales and profit then nothing like in facebook it's more of a flow which makes more sense to me and easier to decipher and trouble shoot.

      At the moment im still relaying on a job to finance this site so my income is limited to experimenting with one thing at a time until i can hit a consistent profit.
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    Maybe you should just stop the ad after those first few days after you get those 2 sales. Then wait however long that you wait to run the ad again to get those first few sales after the 2 or three days. Just see how successful you are after running the ads like that for a while.

    What you want to do is definitely only run the add those first few days you get those sales.
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      Thanks toysoldier80 this is something ive toyed with doing i'll try it again to see what happens.

      I basically took the best performing ads from the "sandbox" campaign by stopping the ad after 2 days and 4 sales (i was in profit at this point) and restarting in a "scaling" phase campaign that i doubled the budget for. I changed nothing but the budget. I had absolutely nothing after 2 days and the stats were worse than the "sandbox" campaign which confused the hell out of me.

      With the larger budget i had to stop as my finances simply couldn't afford it. Maybe i'll try it again but keep the same budget.
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    Maybe you should try and run the ad for just a couple of days when you get the sales, then change the ad to something else. Then after a few days bring the first product back and maybe that might increase the sales. Just an idea. I have seen some people do that.
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      Thanks Radcliff i'll try this as well by switching up the creative after 2 days. Last time i stopped and restarted after 2 days after 4 sales the only thing i changed was increasing the budget....i thought double the budget double the sales right?!!...i ended up with no sales a big loss and my bank balance looking a little sore. I'll change the creative but leave the budget and try this too. Cheers
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    I have also same kind of problem. But I didn't get any perfect solution for this. Waiting for the best solution.
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    I have also same kind of problem
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    You may not be able to fix every single mistake you find, but probably by the fixing to these following options-
    - Ads have been disapproved,
    -account spending limit has been reached,
    -image violates the 20% rule
    -the bid is too low
    -the campaign does not have enough budget
    -optimization goal is hard to reach
    -ads are not relevant to your audience
    - audiences are overlapping
    -the ad is stuck in review
    -the ad is low quality
    -the ad is deemed as an issue of national importance, etc
    you have noticed recently, it will be able to save yourself from a lot of heartache and disappointment.
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    I am actually interested to know your experience with FB ads, hows the ROI there?
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