Experience with Fulfillment Partners / 3PL?

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Does anyone have experience (good / bad) working with fulfillment partners and 3PL?

- Any recommendations?
- What's working well, what could be better?
- Do they usually offer consulting/advise?
- What are services that they usually don't offer, but would be helpful?
- For which sellers would you recommend using them (own brand, dropshipper, maturity, ...)?
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  • Been struggling with this for a while. Very good communication is so important to me and it's hard to find. I've been talking to nichedropshipping.com and they have been amazing so far. That being said I haven't placed an order yet but they do the whole thing: private label, packaging, US fulfillment, clear communication. They're part of CJdropshipping.
    If you're looking to order for CNY.. do so soon, factories are getting pressured to closed earlier bc of COVID.
    Hope that helps.
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