friends has 20.000 facials creams ready to sell

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Hello, a friend of mine has 20.000 facial creams ready, packaged and all.

I would want to help him and at the same time make some $.

He has his site with shop up and running and sells 3 creams per day right now but he just started.

I want to be able to give a % of the sale to people who manage to sell any cream.

Ideally they get some kind of code and if any of their followers buys a cream they get a %.

Do I need to create a new shop on an affiliate marketing site ? Can I link the current shop/site to some kind of affiliate system ?

Then there is also the question of how I can make money. He can give away 50% of each sell. I would propose 50 for my my friend and then 25% for me and 25% for the person who leads "his followers" to buy the cream with the code. But how can I set it up so that I get a % automatically ? It feels like I would need to create a new shop with the creams to lead traffic there and then I would just buy creams from my friend at 50% of the rate.

Please any help is appreciated.

Thank you
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    You could try to join a platform like Impact Affiliates, Share a Sale or similar.
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