Print on Demand: Favourite provider?

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I'm stumbling upon print on demand industry.
Now I'm with printify, while I've signed up also with printful.

I've recently seen that Anik Signal' host recommends Icon Econ.

What do you think is better for selling only mugs worldwide?

Do you think it's necessary being both on Etsy and Amazon or do you recommend starting with one, like Etsy (I'm now only on Etsy)
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    I'm now only on Etsy

    Are you selling products? Isn't that the 'test' - of both the provider and the sales platform?
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    I've used three POD providers. One for sales in the USA, one for the UK and Europe and another for Australia and NZ. It's a decent strategy mainly because it cuts down on shipping costs for the customer. Though, I have no idea of the quality of the Printify and the Australian firm. I did have one disappointed customer, who received a canvas print from Printify. But I'm not sure if it was the quality of my file or if Printify did a bad job? Another problem is that products may vary from provider to provider.
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    I use Etsy and Ebay. Ebay allow for several variables in one listing. For example you may sell a product (a mug in your case), with a choice of several sizes, and a choice of several designs.
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    I've been happy with Printify. They use several different companies so you can choose which ones you work with. Some are located internationally which is good if you often ship out of the U.S.

    I'm only on Etsy now since the fees are less than Amazon and you can charge higher prices, especially if you personalize a product. I'll eventually add Amazon or a Shopify store. Not good to only be on one platform but I think it's the best one starting out.

    Good luck! Rose
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    For the purpose of selling and purchasing there is a lot of platforms are available on Internet(Google) but I suggest "Amazon" is best for all.
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