Should I start dropshipping from an old ebay account?

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Hey guys I'm new here and also new to Ebay dropshipping
My question is should I start dropshipping from my personal ebay account from 2016 and kinda "risk it" with my rookie mistakes that I'll probably make or open a new account and start dropshipping from there (after I "warm it up" of course) ?
Also even if it's better to open a new account my info is still the same info (name, ID, bank account, address etc) so how is that even possible?
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    I'm not sure what you are asking here because your premise is unclear.

    Dropshipping from where? Are you talking about dropshipping from a manufacturer to someone you are selling to on eBay or are you talking about what some people falsely call dropshipping - shipping an item sourced on eBay to a customer OR shipping from another retailer like Walmart to an eBay customer (that is called "arbitrage") - something forbidden by eBay?

    Is the product shipping from the same country that it is being shipped to? If not, you could run afoul of Ebay's rule of delivery within 30 days.
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    If I were you I would make a new account and make a frsh start because of the fact that you might have done certain mistakes in your old profile and it will take some time to track them down and get rid of them.
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  • No you should start from New account. The main reason is things are changed with the passage of time.
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    yes you can what are your limits and how much investment you are looking to invest
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