Global e-store - one domain for multiple languages, or separate domains for each local?

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we have ecommerce store with 20 languages, translated by a human.

Now we are going to split this one site to multiple local shops for each country.

Now it looks like:, will be

What You think, is that worth to do? I mentioned that Google puts local domains higher, and customers also like "locals" better. Matt Cutts in 2011 said that its better to have all separate local sites.

Meanwhile, our world is now so global, that lots of people are buying from global stores and noone cares a lot about such things.

I'm in doubt. Maybe someone can help / have an experience?

Thanks so much.
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    I would not roll the whole project out all at once, I would gradually bring it out. The google search engine itself can answer this for you... Type "Dentist" in Google and what happens? It provides results in close proximity to you correct? Better yet... what is the URL for Google for you? There are literally different Googles for each and every country they support.

    States -
    Australia -
    Russia -

    As examples... If this is what Google does, what do you think you should do?
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    Separate local sites maybe good idea as that will help you to tailor each domain to the taste of the user.

    However, it may add more to the task on the product listings and the need for more hands to cater for each domain and the issues on each domain.

    You may need to properly consider it before you pick the method to adopt.
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