Offerup Sellers Guide For Success

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1. Sell local pick up only.(Never ship anything at all no matter what. I will repeat once more Do not ever ship any items on OfferUp. If you just want to ship out items in the mail go to Ebay.) Meet at a public location where there are Alot of people and security cameras. Always try to meet during the daylight hours only. If you can bring a friend or family member with you as a witness.

2. Payments are all to be made in Cash Money Only.
No Checks
No Zelle
No Paypal
No CashApp
No CreditCards
No Crypto
No Trades
No Payment Plans
No Layaway Plans
No Wire Transfers
No Precious Metals/Coins
No Special Tickets/Passes
No Giftcards
No Trading/Playing Cards
No Collectibles
No Antiques
No Lotto Tickets/Scratchoffs
***Cash Money Only Period.*** If you do not know to tell if cash is real by looking at it against the light then get yourself a counterfeit bill tester pen. If you do not have any change be sure to let your buyer know ahead of time to bring exact amount of money because you have no change.

3. Never communicate outside the application. Never give out your phone number, bank account #, credit card #, Personal ID #s, email, home address or work address.

Follow these simple rules and you will avoid about 95% of the scoundrel scammers.

Happy OfferUping and Go Make Some Ca$h!
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    Not sure why it was necessary to make such a long list.... cash only only.

    OfferUp has become known as a good place to 'fence' stolen items...maybe that is just in urban areas, don't know. Have you made many sales or purchases?
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    Wonder why the cash-only basis...
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    Cash Only because OfferUp is a cesspool of scoundrel scammers stealing items that are shipped to them then placing rocks, or fishing line weights to show that the seller never sent them anything other than the box of the item with the correct amount of weight. Others just take the item then request a refund claiming nothing was ever received. Or better yet they return their broken item and keep your new item lol. So many horror stories with sellers getting the shaft when they do Shipping through the OfferUp platform. The customer service can only be reached by email and there is probably only like one employee and then everything else is answering bots. You are lucky if you get a response back before the end of the year. Ontop of that they always side with the Buyers.

    Long story short there are tons of customers that have cash and are ready to buy locally. If you want to ship items better off going to Ebay and Amazon.
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