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Can anyone guide about a product research tool that also provide list of supplier from where we can buy the product?

Thank you
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    hi! hope u r doing well. we use different tools for product research like helium 10, jungle scout, merchant world, keepa.
    we find suppliers from or different sites.
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    Generally speaking, most of these types of directories are going to list very obscure suppliers with "no name" products. There are exceptions but the best rule of thumb is to figure out exactly which products and brands you want to sell and then call those brands directly (notice I said "call", not "email becuase emailing does not work).

    If they won't dropship for you, ask if they could tell you the name of their distributors are even really big retail merchants who very well may be completely fine with dropshipping to your customers.

    Bottom Line: Any directory hooking you up with suppliers is getting a piece of the action. That piece could also be yours if you suck it up and make the calls, yourself.

    Also keep in mind, if it's as easy as looking it up in a directory and getting an account instantly, anybody can do it and competition and price gauging is going to be fierce, meaning even less profit for you. Doing things the harder and more uncomfortable way is how you separate yourself from the competition.
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    Product research tool:
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