Any one has Idea how to rank your listing on Google shopping

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I have seen a keen growth in google shopping as I have derived a lot of traffic from there even my listings are not on top first row,

I really used some help if any one can guide me how google shopping algorithm works and what SEO to be done to rank your listings.

Thank you
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    The "algorithm" for Google Shopping (or plain old text ads) is about as simple as it gets ... the ads that they make the most money from are the ones that get listed first.

    Usually that means whoever pays the most per click but not always. If SITE A pays 20 cents per click and they get 1,000 clicks in a month, Google makes $200. If SITE B pays 30 cents per click and only gets 600 clicks in a month, Google makes $180. In that case, SITE A is going to have a better ad placement than SITE B, even though site B is paying more per click.

    That's it! There's no magic, there's no special SEO. It's money in Google's pocket that dictates which ads appear #1, #2, #3, etc.
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    Thank you for your question on how to rank your listing on Google Shopping.

    To start with, Google Shopping algorithm works based on a number of factors such as product title, description, images, bids, landing page and website quality. Therefore, it is essential to optimize these factors to improve your search ranking.

    Here are some SEO techniques that you can implement to rank your listings on Google Shopping:

    1. Get Your Product Feed Right - Make sure that your product feed is complete and follows Google's format and policies. Use relevant keywords in your product titles and descriptions as well as high-quality product images, videos, and features.

    2. Optimize Your Landing Pages - Ensure that your landing pages provide users with relevant information about the product and help them make a purchasing decision. Optimize your website by speeding up your page loading speed, making it mobile-friendly, and ensuring that your content is easily accessible.

    3. Bidding Strategies - Set up bidding strategies based on your overall business goals and
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