Any Independent Wholesale Sales Reps Out There?

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Hello Warriors,

I'm the co-creator of a unique product outside the "how to make money" niche. We have been selling this product through a variety of IM tactics and eBay directly to individual customers.

I just realized that we should also be selling this product at wholesale to a certain type of retail store. We plan to try to contact one of these store chains ourselves. But I'm sure that a good independent sales rep who has worked in a related field would be able to contact many more stores in this category and would know how to deal with wholesale buyers.

Google searches for sales reps haven't turned up much. So I thought I'd see if any Warriors have experience in this area. PM me if you prefer to keep it private.

Steve R.
R.A.M. Video
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    There are two prominent websites that can help you find independent sales reps.
    One is RepHunter at and the other is Replocate at

    The best of these is RepHunter because you can both post your sales opportunity and search their database of approximately 14,000 reps.
    Best of all, RepHunter allows you to search their database before you subscribe and see profiles of all of the reps they have in your industry.

    The RepLocate site will post your opportunity so that independent sales reps can find you. Your opportunity will also be emailed out to approximately 1500 opt-in sales reps.

    RepHunter also provides training and they have an FAQ page located at

    Both sites post their phone numbers, so you can get to a real person. And you will usually get to a person right away. The posted number for RepHunter is 612-486-5020; for Replocate the number is 651-438-3364.
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    Thanks, NST

    That might be some of the most valuable info I've received from Warriors.

    Steve R.
    R.A.M. Video
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