Where can I promote my dropshipping service?

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Hello all, I want to know where I can promote my dropshipping service.. Which sites, blogs or forums?

Thank you in advance for the advice

I'm a supplier and a dropshipper of variety of different brands of perfumes, they all genuine and 100% real. USA based.. Shipping to USA and worldwide..

Here are the brands:

Britney Spears

Calvin Klein

Carolina Herrera

Christian Dior


Dolce & Gabbana

Giorgio Armani



Hugo Boss


Yves Saint Laurent

And soon I will be supporting Makeup and Skin care brands

The brands will be:

estee Lauder
bobbi brown
mary kay
urban decay

PM me or post here to send you our website.

No dropshipping fees or any additional hidden fees

Payment accepted: credit cards via paypal and paypal

The shipping to USA will be via 2nd day air. the shipping cost will be $13.50 per item and additional $3.5 for each additional item in the shipment.

The shipping costs internationally may vary from country to another and will be via DHL, FedEx or UPS. the shipping costs rangeswill be $35 for 1 item and additional $5 for each additional item in the shipment. I'm using them for delivery confirmation and decreasing the scams issues that may happen to me of a customer saying that he didn't get the item. If you want to dropship to different addresses, make a new order per new address.
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    do you have product data feeds containing product details, and daily quantity and price updates?
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      i'm looking for a dropshipper for perfumes, who can dropship my ebay orders ..

      do you have a web-site where you maintain all your stock, etc.?

      hope we can figure out a way to work together ..

      i am bil.ahm on g mail ..
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    Might be good to go to ebay and find the sellers who are already selling the type of stuff your offering. Contact them and let them know you are another option. There are unlimited sellers you could communicate all from ebay.
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    You can also try alibaba dot com they are good for promoting this sort of thing, when i was in drop shipping i found suppliers on there.

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    Go to eBay and take out a 30-day classified ad. To do this you're going to have to Google "how to place a classified ad on ebay" because eBay doesn't make it very clear and plain.

    Another thing you might want to do is search through the auction listings until you find one that says 'classified ad' inside the listing. There are only a small number of eBay categories where they allow these ads and to list you absolutely need to be sure to choose one of these categories. The great thing about this is the ad costs only $10 and stays live for 30 days. Good luck.
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    I would agree with marketing your service using ebay or cragslist etc

    If you want to learn how to do SEO that would be another way to advertise
    your business but that can be a huge learning curve.
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    Hi Tahersaid,

    What is your Drop-shipping Website mate? I need a good drop-shipper in USA.

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    Ebay sales pages. Sell something and plug your site. Also place a classified on ebay, that word is a very high volume keyword on ebay.
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    I want to say alibaba.com, and also ebay wholesaler services.
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    i would also say alibaba.com
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    You could always set up a blog or website and get targeted views to them using a supplier I use. PM me for it

    Or you could use YouTube?
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    Thanks guys for the tips, here is the website by the way: wholesaletradez.com
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