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Ecommerce has always seemed very attractive to me, and I'm finally ready to get my feet wet with it.

I have a few questions which if someone can answer, I'll be very grateful.
  1. How do you select your suppliers? I was browsing through last night, and I didn't understand how people sieve the good suppliers from the bad ones just by looking at their profiles. I didn't have a thorough tour of the site, but it gave me a good preview.
  2. How does the shopping cart function work? This is the question which has puzzled me for the longest time. Do you have to buy stock in advance from the wholesalers? Or does it work on the number of orders you receive on your own website? I have this confusion that when someone buys from your website, the money is split into the retail price and the profit. The former goes to the supplier's account and your account receives the latter. Does it work that way? I, really, am quite puzzled with the shopping cart affair. Please shed some light on it in detail.
  3. I know that drop shippers take your orders, and also deliver the goods to the desired locations but what if the product that you're trying to sell does not have any drop shippers? What do you do in such a scenario? Do you hire a manufacture and a distributor separately in this case?
  4. Apart from, what are the other sites for looking up reliable suppliers/manufacturers/distributors/drop shippers?
  5. Is it better to just sell other brands, or should one work on getting private label and making your own?
  6. As a result of the private label and brand creation, how do you sell your brand products on Amazon?

I will appreciate any and all advice and suggestions made in this thread. Thank You.
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