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No this is not a joke. This is my website or one of them. Please review thanks so much! here it is: acorno

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    It's not a bad site at all.

    Couple of things I noticed are:

    -Navigation buttons at the top of the page are a little crowded (the green ones) and could use a colour change. I wish that I could suggest a proper colour, but puke green just doesn't go with your current colour-scheme. The text is larger than the button itself which looks weird and clunky.

    -You could use some work at the bottom of the page: some of the bottom menu items extend past the text area, and one of your footer scripts is superimposed on part of the text area.

    All in all, you're on the right track!
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    I think it looks good all around, did you have someone make this? or is this showing your skills?

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    Nice site Patrick, but really do people want to buy acorns? I mean I can head out into the garden and become your wholesaler

    That's nut's pardon the pun!

    Best regards
    Arran Wood

    P.S. I know someone will pull me on the nut's but hey!
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    Overall both are great sites.

    There's only one thing which kinda puts me off. The left sidebar (categories/menu) feels sort of old fashioned or way too simple, for what's otherwise a pretty well made site.

    Maybe just spicing it up with a font change or something would do the trick.
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    How I love squirrels! Website very cool in terms of graphics and usability.
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    I really like both of them. Great job!
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    Really great. Liked it and Navigation is well done as well. Pretty simple.
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    pretty cool keep up the good job!

    Justin :)

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    hahaha cheeky site i saw this fruit being eaten by the animal in ice age

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    I love the design, the niche is awesome also. Good job!
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    The theme of the site looks great and is clean as well. The design is attractive and eye-catching but the thing which I noticed is that it took too much time to load. But overall, it looks great and the variety of products and easy to search navigation is a plus.
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