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anyopne have a decent list of companies, or free ebooks. I have some of both but both are older and written more as the "get rich sales.

I'm just looking for a couple of solid providers that could supply me until I can afford to stock more and more in house.

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    Listen, I was in the same position you are looking for a dropshipping list with plenty of options but I can tell you right now from experience that most dropshippers on these 'lists' are being used by so many people that it's impossible to compete.

    I would highly suggest you pick up the phone and call companies that will agree to ship products to specified address's for a small fee, the company gets sales and you never handle anything!

    The supplier you use doesn't necessarily have to be a 'dropshipper' as such, but can behave as one, and the best part about that is there is no where near as many people selling thier products.

    For more information on dropshipping I couldn't recommend a better recourse than the dropshipforums, excellent advice on there!
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      Great advice, Inxie......I have been wondering about these services as well. I figured it was too popular to still hold true. It sounds like someone should find a niche and approach the manufacturer with the idea.
      ......sounds like a regular sales job to me.
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        Yes I agree, With the over saturation and change in the dynamics of drop shipping, We must now change our behavior and expectation in business and find alternative ways to foster a intimate business relationship!
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    Can anybody guide me to some good information source on "Drop Shipping?" Thank you.
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    It is really going to frustrate you trying to find a good list that is going to provide you with that information.
    Your best option is to find the type of products you want to sell and then research online to find the contact info for the suppliers or distributors.

    List information is going to be saturated and generally uneffective.

    I hope this helps you.

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    Well thanks for the forum to check.

    Yeah I know its tough, but trying to figure a way to leverage interest and work on net to get me back to a brick and mortar(but not away from net).

    I know drop shipping business is tough but local marketing, hosting, domains, or trying to find a local job ditch digging.

    The career for my degree and experience, is experiencing problems and layoffs as well, and its more crooked than the .....

    So again thanks for the forum, and yeah might see about looking at methods other than droppshipping. Am currently looking to see if I can partner with a local business if we can help each other. Sadly that business isnt the one I feel as I want as my core.

    Anyone want to talk further on the subject or bounce ideas or the like please PM.
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    Amazon Marketplace often has lower priced items than the retail section. You might find a few merchants with stores there that you can hook up with. I had a client that bought video games from a few and resold them on eBay (of all places) at a profit. They never even had to see the product.

    The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. – Vince Lambardi

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    Thanks for that as well, will consider that.

    I'm not sure if its my old business days of travel, or just going into an office, but honestly I think I miss handling non digital inventory a bit. Perhaps its as I work with my digital portfolio, it reminds me the importance of physical items, and the quality of older products.

    I want to have product in house, especially the ones I like anyway. But I think no yellow pages, no local papers, no local stores, is not moving us in right direction. Want to make sure I try to build a business that makes the most sense to me. My income, my net worth being all net based, based on a server and some digits at gd, naw that doesnt make ton of since to me.

    Not looking to the net to build an empire, but to use its tools and my tools to build a life that makes sense for myself and family, but also my city and the like. Most all of here are trying to build something that makes money, no matter as hobby, extra income or the like. Just want to make sure if I am lucky enough read (smart and determined enough) to build a profitable business want to make sure I like that business. At 45 I feel like I've already had to prior careers not counting my 10 years in domains. That has given me a ton of experiences to reflect and learn from.

    Best to all here, and thanks for the tips. Please forgive my rambling, just trying to make sure I'm not throwing out any ole sites to make money, or chasing the next internet craze. Building the right business can be fun and rewarding, chasing money...isnt fun nor a business.
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    Are you looking for local drop shipper or oversea drop shipper?

    If you're looking to source products locally, search for trade shows in that particular industry. You'll able to meet some tier 1 suppliers in the trade shows, not all suppliers are willing to do drop shipment, since they are use to selling in bulk, but some newer companies will be more open to this idea, it really depends on the industry that you're in.

    If you're looking to source oversea, you can check out:
    Most suppliers will be happy to drop ship for you. You may wonder will you get burn by oversea suppliers, there are chances for that, but I'll consider it part of the cost of doing this business. Those sites already improved a lot after they implement the feedback system similar to ebay.

    That's also another reason, not that many people are sharing their sources, because good sources are like gold, they don't come by easy and they do cost money.

    You can check out some wholesale forums, they mainly gather buyers from Europe and they are more focus on physical products. They also share their experiences on some oversea suppliers.
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