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I'm still trying to find a deal of the day script to use for a new site. i need a solution that gives me a report of all the people who order a certain item.

going to do 4 deals per week so need to be able to sort them out.

anyone know of paypal had a solution for this.

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    i have never created a deal site but i am sure a google search will show a wide amount of results for a deal site script

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    How are you going to get subscribers?
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    I would google it. I came cross bunch of daily deal scripts. If you can't find that function in a script, wouldn't be hard to implement it.
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    Well, I think the daily deal niche is not kind of saturated. I would suggest you to only get into it if you have some good amount of money to invest and promotional techniques and you could provide something different and better from the current daily deal sites.
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    Daily Deal Theme from Templatic
    Daily Deal - Let your site visitors buy and sell deals | Templatic

    It's a wordpress theme, but will do the trick.

    But if you are planning to offer other businesses the daily deal service too, then you may want to check out 'Coupnic'

    Couponic - Groupon Clone - Group Buying Script - Daily Deal Software
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    Couponic is awesome script and very configurable, but... the daily deals business is very heavy to conduct. you need to have an army of sales representatives and huge call center.
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    Daily Deals are awesome money makers if you have the email list and the following or know that you will be able to build it up. Look in to They may have the solution that you are seeking.

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    Any good to you Brandon?

    WP Local Deals

    It is free at the moment.

    I hope that helps.

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    Thanks for all the great responses. We are planning on running our site for our local market at first and building out from there. We plan to build our list via facebook and direct mail. Any thoughts?

    Visit my website at to learn more about how to make money online!

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    All are great solutions. I'm wondering though how to handle shipping items? Especially if they are from a dropshipper in China?

    Visit my website at to learn more about how to make money online!

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    A daily deals site, hmm. Are you guys sure you want to get into this niche. It seems like every article I read about Groupon says that they are losing money and market share. Are you guys going to put a unique twist on it? Not trying to crush your dreams, just curious is all.
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    There are good Daily Deal WordPress Themes by Templatic & ThemesKingdom, you can check it out and see if it fits.
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    If you really want the venture to be a long term business, I strongly suggest You hire a coder at and have a custom script created based on your specific needs and ideas. it can be cheaper than you think specially if it s based on a pre-existent script you found online ( Hint: )

    In case the business grows nicely having and owning a custom paid script will increase your options of selling the business etc. Custom scripts are the key to future joint ventures and big number sales etc.

    Paid scripts are good for personal try outs and small ideas but in terms of long term growing ventures it will take you nowhere.. (Flippa is an exception however)


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    Hello Bruha,

    It is the right time to know about agriya's group buying script "GroupDeal" this script is integrated with many advance features. I think you can get the solution for all your requirement when you use this script


    Interested to develop booking and rental website then choose booking software , popular in developing clone script like groupon and airbnb clone

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