How do I choose an SSL Certificate?

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How do I choose an SSL Certificate?
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    Which eCommerce CMS are you planning using? Chances are you do not need to purchase one because most eCommerce hosting companies include them.
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    Originally Posted by Angelikabartsch View Post

    How do I choose an SSL Certificate?
    What is it that you're trying to do with this SSL certificate?

    There's a few different types @ different prices.
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    Contact with your hosting provider ,
    and best option is just discuss with your collegians,
    I think it's better for you to decide.
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    Originally Posted by Angelikabartsch View Post

    How do I choose an SSL Certificate?
    Normally, SSL Certificate option depends on your website theme such as if your website is e-commerce based then you need WildCard SSL Certificate which support unlimited sub domains security on single server, but if your website is small and mid size then you just need Domain Validated SSL Certificate.

    Apart from this if your website is the large level organization, then go through EV SSL Certificate which includes traditional padlock, pp% web browsers, and mobile device compatibility and EV Certificates includes the power of Green Address bar which core segment of online business.

    If you are still want in depth information about SSL Certificate, then visit platinum certificate authorities website for more comparison and cheaper price and are both leading SSL certificate provider Platinum Certificate Authority.
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    All depends on how you're taking payments. You may not need one at all if you for example, use Paypal or (DPM).
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    Hostgator Business Plan has a free SSL certificates within in their package in default, which is enough for small and middle size online store. If you do not deal with Hostgator, you have to ask the hosting company for it.

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    Go to google and search for godaddy promo codes 2012. You will find some great discounts on everything that GoDaddy offers. You should register a 2-3 year certificate. With a promo code you can save around 50% usually. It is my understanding that all are the same. A GoDaddy rep told me not to bother with the premium, as it doesn't add any additional protection.

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    verisign and digicert are worth looking at.
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