I Hope This Will Help Warriors Find E-Commerence Product Ideas

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For Anyone stuck or need some brain storming I hope this can help you.

I found some nice gems on here.

Ebay All Categories
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    It's as good as any---some people may think that a product on eBay would not sell at a higher price on retail sites. Not so, as there are far more people who still find eBay intimidating or forget to look there. I searched for days online for an item before I had my V8 moment and, duh, went to eBay. How many others do the same?
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  • Here's a better tool:


    You can go not only further into the categories, but look and see what people are ACTUALLY typing in to find WITHIN the categories.

    It's a great tool.

    Plus, categories aren't 'products'. In addition, 'niches' are better to find than 'products' since within a 'niche' there are many items you can source from there.

    And, once you've found a 'NICHE' that sells well, you can make your individual product profit margin analysis and negotiations (with market worth data, of course)
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    Easy way to brainstorm is just cruising the hot products section on alibaba
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