First timer accepting all advice and comments from the peanut gallery

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I recently stumbled upon a website .... I contacted a web developer about a site that was for sale one that was already established, he replied to me having sold the one I had initially contacted him about but had another one available a little bitty baby of a site. Not even a toddler, straight newborn. So disregarding my lack of knowledge in the entire field of ecommerce I dove in head first. Or rather wallet first.

Being a very driven individual and wanting an out of the general work force, I have been avidly researching and looking for opportunities for the past year. Really I just want a job where pants are optional. Which got me to where I am. Attempting to muddle my way through this other dimension and get the website successful. With an abundance of online recourses where does one even begin?

Any advise is welcomed and encouraged.
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